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This being my first post and all, I'm going to focus on where I am, at this precise moment, in my writing journey. That way, I can look back at this post months from now and say, "Oh, Look how far I've come! Joyous day!"

  • I have a completed manuscript.
  • The story is Young Adult fantasy/romance.
  • I am on my third revision.
  • The story is the first part of a trilogy.
  • I've outlined and started plotting the next two manuscripts

In addition to working on my manuscript, I am learning everything I can about self-publishing, from how to format, to choosing covers, to marketing...the list is endless.

Also, this blog isn't going to just be about me. I want to learn about YOU, my fellow aspiring writers. One thing I've learned is that the writing community is just that, a community. Most writers are eager to give advice, support, and words of encouragement. Feel the love!

Please keep in mind, I'm new to blogging, having just created this website less than a week ago. I'm still learning ♥

In my next post, I'll make a list of helpful websites, books and youtubers (is that a word?) that have been a tremendous resource for me on this journey.

I'd love to hear about YOUR writing journey--what you've learned, what you've found helpful. But, at this point, let's be honest. I'm basically blogging to myself...

Hello, anyone out there? Hello?

Anyway, if you're reading this and want to share, please do!


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